First, schedule your exam online or via phone at a convenient time. It will take only a few minutes to schedule. We have Wednesday evening and Saturday mornings available. 

Next, show up 15 minutes prior to your exam appointment time. Fill out the necessary paperwork. Pay the one time fee. No hidden costs. Pay via cash, credit card or through your HSA account.  Your imaging will take approximately 45 minutes. 

Finally, get your report within 24 hours of your imaging appointment time via email.




We offer the following examinations. Please call us regarding information about scanning other body parts. 

Upper Extremity

Includes one the following options:


1. Shoulder

2. Elbow

3. Wrist

4. Hand

Lower Extremity

Includes one the following options:


1. Knee

2. Hip

2. Ankle

4. Foot


Includes one the following options:


1. Cervical spine (upper portion)

2. Thoracic spine (mid portion)

3. Lumbar spine (lower portion)

4. Brain (with a doctor's order)

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