Your Radiology Report

Your MRI images will be interpreted by a board certified radiologist specialized in diagnosing bone and joint problems. The radiology report is designed to relay important medical information to your doctor. Sometimes, this medical jargon can be difficult to understand. Your radiology report should be discussed with your medical doctor who will be treating your pain.  Below are some common radiology terms and explanations that may help clarify the language of the report. Please start by clicking on the exam that you had performed.

There are multiple ways to receive your images and report. 

1. A disc may be provided to you at your request. Given that your report has not yet been dictated, this is not included on the disc. The report with online access will be sent to your within 24 hours.

2. A HIPAA compliant email will be sent to you with a link to access the images and report via a cloud based storage system. You will be asked to register for a login to comply with HIPAA standards. You need to use the same email address that was used to receive the images. If you have trouble accessing the images or report, please contact us. 

3. Your provider can call us to have the report and/or images faxed and/or sent via email to them. 

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